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Want to Live the High Life? These are the Most Popular Destinations for Private Jet Users


With private jets flying into terminals across the globe ten times more frequently than standard aircrafts, high fliers are spending a lot of time in the skies. But, some destinations are increasingly popular than others, with some of the more favoured private jet terminals experiencing double the traffic of others. Here are the most popular destinations for private jets to land:

New York

The bright lights of New York see thousands of private jet users land at its terminals every week. Ideal for fashion lovers, important business meetings and those who love to explore new cities, New York has a little something for everyone. With a host of different terminals located close to the city centre it makes the ideal place to fly into if you want to get down to sight-seeing as soon as you touch down. Companies like VistaJet, have amazing jets which are really popular with those heading to New York’s thriving business districts as you’ll get straight to the heart of the action right away.


The glamourous city of love is famed for attracting the likes of top fashion designers and celebrities and as a result has an abundance of private jets landing at its private terminals each year. Planes can fly into the city’s main airport, Charles De Gaulle which is just a 30-minute drive away from the city centre, ideal for those who bagged last minute tickets for Paris Fashion Week.


Anyone who is anyone with a private jet has flown into Dubai. As one of the world’s most luxurious cities, famed for its ginormous malls, stunning buildings and extravagant all day champagne brunch parties, Dubai attracts those who enjoy the finer things in life. As a result it’s private jet terminal based at Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world and best of all it’s located just 4km South of Dubai.

With private jet chartering becoming more affordable and convenient than ever before, why not consider next time you have to travel for business or leisure. With private jet aircrafts offering much quicker turnarounds at airports, much more convenient flying times and a much more luxurious way to travel it makes sense. Plus, they fly to all the world’s most popular destinations meaning wherever it is you’re planning on going, you’ll be able to get there in style.    

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