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Sheraton Dubai Mall Of The Emirates Hotel Commits To Sustainable Practices

2017 has been a busy year for Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel- with continuing to drive green and sustainable practices in the hotel. The objective is to assist Dubai in becoming a global leader in sustainability. 

As a member of the Emirates Green Building Council, the hotel is working towards a number of ambitious goals to reduce wastage and increase green practices throughout the building. Climate saving actions started with training of all the hotels 317 associates who have been encouraged to practice these measures in their own homes. Initiatives have also been rolled out to guests who can get involved throughout their stay. 

Strategic initiatives have been implemented to allow the hotel to meet its goal, including many pilots with (the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). The hotel champions a Carbon Foot Print calculator pilot, which closely monitors the amount of carbon dioxide that the hotel releases into the environment- allowing them to start the fight in reducing this. Associates in the hotel have also had the opportunity to take part in the DTCM Board Game which educates associates in a fun and interactive way, encouraging them to develop a sustainable culture. 

Sebastien Weyer, Director of Engineering, a French national, initially joined the hotel in February 2013 as part of the pre-opening team before a move to Switzerland took him to W Verbier for three years. Before his time in Dubai, Sebastien spent time in Abu Dhabi to open the Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa after stints in the Bahamas, Thailand, New Caledonia and Lagos. Sebastien has now returned to Sheraton with a wealth of experience behind him, along with a desire to create more green practices. His impact and proactive measures can already be seen. Half way through the year and Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel is already seeing reductions in electricity consumption by 6.95%, and water consumption dropping by an impressive 7.68%. The hotel's recycling has been increased by 21% compared to the same period in 2016. Measures such as installing new food macerators that reduce food wastage by 80%, and installing over 410 units with LED lights with a reduction of 72 watts to 32 watts per unit, ensures that the Sebastien and his team will exceed their goals by the end of the year.

I am passionate about sustainable practices and educating people on how small actions can make a big difference. We work closely with authorities in Dubai who are driving sustainable tourism in the city, assisting them in trialing programs and putting measures into practice to support the citywide goals. I believe that moving forward, hotels can be leaders in this area by adopting solar panels to power the building, adapting efficient food wastage programs and teaching associates on best practices that they can live and work by. Sebastien Weyer, Director of Engineering, Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel. 

Driving sustainable practices into large energy consumption businesses such as hotels, is of the utmost importance to our environment and I believe that we all have a corporate responsibility to champion this. Our associates are passionate about this; I am thrilled to see many of them adopting simple sustainable practices such as recycling and switching off the lights when they leave the room. If we all make these small changes, we can make a huge difference. Paul Dunphy, General Manager, Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel.

As the Hotel works into the second half of the year, the team is committed to drive more sustainable practices and working towards a greener Dubai. Associates are gearing up for another year of participating in Clean up the World  in November to assist in restoring public areas of the city and of course driving more awareness of recycling and waste reduction to their colleagues and guests.

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