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RTA Launches ’Reaching-Out-To-Customer’ Initiative To Process Transactions

RTA’s Licensing Agency in Dubai will launch this July the ‘Reaching-out-to- Customer’ initiative in coordination with service providers, aiming to processing several vehicle-related transactions that require the presence of the customer in person. The step is intendedto enhance customers’satisfaction by reaching out to them at their locations in Dubai or other Emirates.

“The objective of this initiative is to delight customers by reaching out to them anywhere in Dubai or other Emirates for processing their transactions through several representatives of service providers accredited by RTA,” said Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of Vehicles Licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency.

“The transactions covered by this initiative include vehicle ownership, transfer of vehicle ownership, export of vehicles and change of vehicle ownership. This type of vehicle transactions requires thecustomers presencein person for signing a few papers to complete the transaction. RTAhas, therefore, opted to make it easier for customers by reaching out to them in Dubai and other Emirates. Under such a case, the transaction fee has to be paid in cash only.

“This initiative will have a host of benefits including enhancing the role of service providers, ensuring the processing of transactions according to the set procedures, activating the role of mobile testing, ensuring smooth and timely processing of transactions, and creating a possibility for adding other services in future,” he added.

The Director of Vehicles Licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency concluded by stressing the keenness of RTA to delight customers from different backgrounds and enhance their satisfaction with RTA’s services.

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