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Foreign investors buy AED 3 billion of shares in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange in January 2017


Foreign investors’ purchases in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in January 2017 reached AED 3.13 billion, representing 40.4 percent of total buy trades, whereas their sell stood at AED 2.723 billion, representing 35.2 percent of total sell trades. Subsequently, the net foreign investment in January reached AED 406 million.

ADX general index in January grew by 0.03 percent to 4548. The investment and financial services sector scored the highest growth rate at 18.07 percent, followed by insurance sector at 14.95 percent; industry sector at 4.35 percent; consumer staples at 2.10 percent; banking sector at 1.13 percent, and real-estate sector at 1.03 percent.

Meanwhile the telecommunications sector dropped by 4.79 percent, followed by energy sector at 0.78 percent, and services sector at 0.41 percent.

The market capitalisation of local companies listed on ADX dropped by 1.32 percent at AED438.383 billion compared with AED444.238 billion in December 2016.

Value of traded stocks in ADX grew to reach AED7.741 billion compared with AED3.576 billion in December. The number of traded stocks stood at 5.823 billion shares compared with 2.141 in December. Number of deals reached 61907.

The average daily value in January reached AED352 million compared with AED188 million in December, growing by 87 percent The number of trading days stood at 22 against 19 in December. 57 companies were traded in ADX in January.

Eshraq Properties shares were the most active in January with trades equivalent to AED1.78 billion, representing 25 percent of total trades, followed by Asmak (AED1.07 billion or 14.2 percent); RAK Properties at AED669 million (9.4 percent); Manazel at AED630 million (8.9 percent); Al-Dar at AED538 million (7.6 percent), and around 2.484 million for the rest of stocks (34.9 percent).

The real-estate sector had the lion share of trades with AED2.989 billion (42.94 percent) of total trades, followed by the consumer staples sector with AED1.07 billion (15.07 percent); banking sector with AED1.054 billion (14.82 percent); telecommunications with AED573 million (8.07 percent); industry sector at AED401 million (5.65 percent); insurance sector at AED362 million (5.1 percent); investments and financial services at AED335 million (4.72 percent); energy sector at AED316 million (4.44 percent), and services sector at AED7 million (0.11 percent).

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