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Items That You Should Never Buy Online


Online shopping is one of the inventions that has made life easy for the people. Previously, people had to visit brick and mortar shopping centers to acquire the products they need but they don’t have to do that anymore with online shopping. E-commerce stores stock different products on their platforms and all you have to do is to add the items you need to your online cart and checkout. Your items will be shipped and delivered to your doorstep saving you a lot of time in the process. Most of these platforms offer parcel tracking services that ensure that the buyer is forever informed as to the status of his or her order. Click here to find the best courier for your items. With that said, shoppers just can’t go about buying everything online and this piece highlights some of the items that you should never buy online.

1.      Makeup.

Ladies love shopping and makeup is one of the things that they buy when they are out shopping. But with the development of online shopping, most ladies have moved to these online platforms to acquire their favorite make up items. This, however, is not ideal since makeup is one of those items that you have to try to see if it is good for you and you won’t be able to do that when you shop online. Most online stores also don’t accept returns on makeup items that have been open and used and you may end up with products that are not good for you if you insist on buy makeup online. The best thing would be to walk to your favorite store, try a product out and buy it if it is great for your skin.

2.      Prescription drugs.

You can use the different online platforms to compare the prices of drugs sold by different stores but you should never buy them online. Your health is very important and you may put yourself at risk when you buy drugs without analyzing them properly. Not all online retailers are genuine and you may end up with fake drugs or those with wrong combinations if you buy your prescription drugs online. Visit a registered pharmacy or your local health center when you need to buy drugs.

3.      Lingerie.

Online stores use gorgeous models to advertise and display lingerie and those who buy lingerie from such stores hope to get a similar fit and look. This, however, is not always the case because of our different body shapes and it is only by trying the lingerie pieces out that you will be able to get one that fits you properly. Most online stores also have very strict return policies on the lingerie and you may not be able to return a bra that you bought at the store. You, therefore, end up paying for a bra that you will not use as it does not fit you properly.


Online shopping is great but there are a few things that you cannot buy online. Above are some of those items that may leave you frustrated when you buy them from online shopping platforms.   

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