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Using VPN in the UAE: legal aspects and some advice for you


Once you decide to use VPN for surfing the internet, think twice on this. It’s illegal to use a virtual private network for personal use. The legislators justify their decision by the fact that criminals use similar means to commit cybercrimes, which subsequently makes it difficult to verify their identity and locate them.

However, as we all know, these tools are most often used to bypass various degrees of restrictions. For example, listening to music in the Spotify service is inaccessible for residents of some countries. However, it is inappropriate to talk about freedom and the right to privacy provided by number of different factors, for example, the political model of government in the UAE.

Is VPN legal in the UAE?
By the way, many well-known VoIP-services, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat and some others have already been banned. The same fate came across Skype. However, after the reaction of representatives of Microsoft, who said that such restrictions are badly reflected in the investment attractiveness of the country, the ban was cancelled.

The main suppliers of "legal" VoIP in the United Arab Emirates are providers of Etisalat and Du. However, their services are expensive even for the UAE. We draw your attention to the fact that only illegal use of VPN UAE is punishable by law, therefore it is required to clearly know what is allowed by the laws of the UAE, and what is not!

Thus, the use of a VPN may be illegal under certain offenses, and therefore you may be considered an infringer if you use a VPN to access gambling services, obscene material, television, films or audio records that are prohibited in the UAE or unlicensed for use.

Access to all of the above things gives you a chance, but does not guarantee you to be punished for the illegal use of VPN in the UAE. The measure of restraint is chosen individually for each case. Please note that banks and companies in the UAE can use the VPN, but they will also be punished for illegal use.

Using VPN in the UAE
But if you want it, and you know the consequences, you can use it. That's all. Having such a system, you can no longer worry that you will be tracked through different kinds of cookies, HTTP headers and plug-ins, or the VPN connection will fall off accidentally. I would also recommend that you use the browser and IM / email clients visually noticeably different from those in your main system in the virtual system to exclude the unintentional use of the "wrong" system.

Theoretically, there is still a chance to track you, but for this, you should first have a suspicion that your usual, non-anonymous account and your anonymous account are owned by one person.

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