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Sharjah For Capability Development Introduces UAE Nationals In Sharjah To ’The Kaizen Way’

Internationally-acclaimed Japanese programme presented by the Kaizen Institute focuses on creating a ’lean culture’ at work

The face of business in developed and developing nations alike is transforming rapidly, to not only survive the current international socioeconomic climate, but to thrive in it with the highest degree of competitive. Change is truly becoming the only constant, and with the promotion of rapid digital transformations and automation, reducing waste and optimising businesses processes are becoming that line between a successful and unsuccessful enterprise, globally.

Sharjah for Capability Development (SCD), a subsidiary of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators rolled out the globally successful Lean Management Kaizen™ programme yesterday (Tuesday). Presented by the Kaizen Institute – the only body authorised to conduct this programme around the world – this SCD-Kaizen collaboration seeks to lead UAE’s workforce towards a more dynamic and successful career path. Upon completion of the program, the Kaizen Institute will issue certificates to all attendees and participants of the program from Sharjah.

This marks SCD’s first initiative post changing its name from Sharjah Tatweer Forum, and Sharjah’s first experience in hosting such a programme, in line with their broadening vision that places immense value on nurturing the unique capabilities of young individuals with a focus on self-learning and overall personality development vis-à-vis just skills development.   

“Kaizen is in our blood, said our Japanese counterparts on a recent visit to Japan,” remarked HE Jassem Al Blooshi, Member of the Board of Trustees of Rubu' Qarn Foundation, as he welcomed the enthusiastic class of young UAE professionals who have signed up to the programme seeking to learn how to become agents of innovation and change in their respective organisations.

Al Blooshi went on to explain that Kaizen is a daily process that draws from science, the purpose of which goes beyond simple productivity improvement to humanise the workplace by eliminating ‘muri’, or overly hard work with innovation and small, but continuous change.

“This is the first edition but will not be the last. The Kaizen programme, or ‘agile management’ as I like to call it can be applied in all of your institutions and departments whether in sports, education, culture… etc. When I was in Japan, I asked a 50-yaer-old man if people were still committed to the Kaizen way. He said it is their indispensable creed,” he noted.

To conclude his welcome address, Al Blooshi said: “A world-class culture has a natural tendency to identify and drive improvements at all levels of the organisation. It moves from a culture where lean and Six Sigma is viewed as a project to one where Lean Six Sigma simply becomes the way things are done. Through our weeklong initiation of the Kaizen programme, this is what we want our young participants to be able to internalise and customise accordingly to benefit their individual spheres of work.”

To be delivered over the next couple of weeks until March 31, the different phases of the training programme will feature two courses, Kaizen Foundations and Kaizen Team Leaders. Participants will also be introduced to Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a world-class technique which was devised by the Japanese automobile giant, Toyota.

The programme will conclude with a weeklong tour of Japan, from March 25-31, during which participants will be taken to Japanese companies whose success stories are the result of sustained use of Kaizen principles.

This edition of the programme is sponsored by Fast Building Contracting, and has been launched in a strategic partnership with the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), with a view to creating an innovative generation of inspiring leaders who can contribute to furthering progress and sustainable development in Sharjah and the UAE.

The CEO of Fast, Fathy Jaber Afana, was in attendance at the launch in Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). He said: “I believe that individual contributions are key to a company’s success. These courses are substantial regardless of one’s degrees, because they add immense value to organisational processes, introducing efficiency and innovation. I hope our involvement will encourage other UAE organisations to offer their support to excellent endeavours like these, which are paving the way for successful businesses of the future.”

Shamma Al Suwaidi, one of the programme participants and an executive at the Sharjah Ruler’s Office, expressed her keenness to take away valuable lessons from this training, saying: “What I expect from my participation at the Kaizen programme is to act as a change agent. I believe my learning from here will help me add value to my work in terms of building new strategies and innovation. I also very much look forward to introducing the Kaizen culture in my organisation.”

Established in 2005, Sharjah for Capability Development  is one of the four entities of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation, which operates under the vision and leadership of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation. It is a membership-based community comprised of over 800 dedicated young members who contribute to the overall objectives of the organisation through suggestions, ideas, initiatives, activities and voluntary work. Their flagship program, Sharjah Leadership Program, has produced 380+ graduates – UAE nationals above 18 years of age.

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