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ADMCC Accelerates Its Journey Towards Building An Intelligence Driven City

Control centre will enable the IT staff to focus on business innovation rather than support the infrastructure

Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre (ADMCC) today announced a strategic collaboration with Dell EMC driven towards achieving their ambitious vision to build a secure and intelligent city.

Intelligent cities as a concept are safer cities, utilizing advanced infrastructure to connect and protect the citizens while creating a more efficient and liveable space. In line with this objective, ADMCC aims to embrace digital transformation to interconnect public and private services, increase innovation and efficiency, and provide credible measures to enhance safety and security of the citizens of the capital through surveillance cameras.

Surveillance cameras are a critical building block of an intelligent city, which efficiently provide real-time data on a number of city services such as police and emergency services, electricity, water, lighting, and traffic management. However, eliminating human error is a key driver to increase operational efficiency of video streams. To this end, ADMCC, through its transformational project with Dell EMC, aims to deploy industry-leading, highly available and space efficient solutions to build an advanced control center and manage mission critical applications, which can monitor and analyze video streams from surveillance cameras.

Leveraging Dell EMC ViPR Controller, storage automation software, to optimize the control centre will reduce human error and the number of staff focusing on managing the infrastructure, compared to the existing setup. In addition, these scalable, secure and highly available solutions will enable ADMCC to meet their surveillance data needs and simplify management of unstructured data. This move comes in the light of enabling government agencies to better pre-empt and respond to emergencies and safeguard the city’s inhabitants.

ADMCC’s advanced control center will act as a hub enabling the capital to develop cutting edge capabilities of exercising situational intelligence, such as intelligent traffic management.

Customer Quote(s):

His Excellency Mr. Saeed Saif Al Neyadi – Director General at Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre

“We are proud to announce this strategic step in our journey of innovation and sustainability. Making a city safer and secure directly contributes to its ‘intelligence’, hence a strong ICT infrastructure is critical to our ability to equip city services with new tools to improve public services and resources. By leveraging Dell EMC solutions to create an agile, highly available and space efficient monitoring and control centre, we hope to realize our digital agenda that is to create not only intelligent, but sustainable cities with higher quality of life for our citizens.”

 Executive quote(s):

 Fady Richmany, Senior Director and General Manager, United Arab Emirates at Dell EMC

“We thank ADMCC for sharing their ambitious vision with us. We - Dell EMC, are privileged and extremely proud of being their trusted advisor on this journey. By engaging best in class Dell EMC solutions to power this Digital Transformational project, we aim to enable ADMCC to achieve their vision of an intelligent, innovation-backed city that offers its citizens and community a sustainable future and improved quality of life.”


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