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Agthia Launches Cross Border Leadership Development Programs

Agthia Group PJSC ('Agthia'), one of the UAE's leading food and beverage companies, has launched the third edition of its Career Enhancement Program (CEP), the in-house developed training suite designed exclusively for Emirati employees, reinforcing the company's commitment to supporting the Human Development pillar of the Year of Zayed. As part of the program, 15 Emirati employees of Agthia will take part in a series of intensive developmental modules over eight months to prepare them for more senior leadership positions in the company.

The strategically developed CEP program combines training in various technical skills needed to perform at higher levels of management, together with individual mentoring and coaching conducted by senior employees and a reputable third party facilitator to build confidence and business knowledge among participants.

The CEP, Introduced by Agthia in 2016  in line with the government's Emiratization plans, is an employee development and training program available exclusively for high preforming Emirati employees to accelerate their careers within the Group into leadership positions. With the enrollment of the latest cohort of trainees, the CEP will have trained and mentored more than 40 UAE nationals over the past two years in preparation for senior leadership positions. 

Continuing the success of the CEP, Agthia has also launched a new program called the Advanced CEP for employees who have completed CEP in 2016 and 2017. The new program will see twenty-two high-performing Emirati Agthia employees take part in a two-year development program to further their leadership skills and business acumen, with participants completing ten modules that include interactive workshops and individual coaching sessions.

Agthia Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Tariq Ahmed Al Wahedi, said, "Our drive to mentor and cultivate future leaders in the organization is inspired by, and in line with, our leadership's Emiratization and human development ambitions and has reinforced Agthia success across multiple food and beverage categories. We will continue to develop strategic initiatives to support our growth and our efforts to prepare future UAE leaders for tomorrow's challenges."

As part of its broader national talent development initiatives, Agthia is also launching a program dedicated to its senior management called Leadership@Agthia, which focuses on building a collaborative and agile culture in times of rapid change. This program is designed and implemented in partnership with the Management Centre Europe over a period of two years. Eighty Agthia senior managers will receive coaching and interactive workshops covering personal leadership, building high performance teams and strategy execution and change.

Agthia Group Senior Vice President of Human Capital & Operational Development, Mubarak Al Mansoori, said, 'The commitment to continuous development of talent in Agthia is a strategic imperative to fulfill the pillars of our business growth and the 2020 vision. We are confident that these programs will increase engagement, improve performance and continue to drive a healthy work culture.'

Beyond Borders

Building on the success of the CEP program in the UAE, Agthia also launched a national development program in its facilities in Saudi Arabia as part and parcel of its drive to ensure a highly capable and sustainable local workforce.

All Saudi staff are receiving a tailored and intensive training titled National Talent Integration Program (NTIP). The NTIP includes five modules meant to facilitate the integration of national talents into the corporate culture by absorbing concepts such as performance by objectives, teamwork, finance terminology and communication skills among others.


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