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ADIB Launches 100% Capital Protected Smart And Green Energy Equities Basket Note

 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a leading financial institution, has successfully launched a 100% capital protected smart and green energy equities basket note to capture an increasing global focus on renewable energy.

The investment note matures in 12 months and provides 100% capital protection at maturity to minimise investment risk. The note is open for subscription until 28 July 2018, with a 31 per cent participation rate in the upside positive performance. Customers will have the option to redeem the investment after a three-month lock-in period on a monthly basis. The note provides clients with the opportunity to invest in an equity basket of leading global companies, including Toray Industries INC, Schneider Electric SE, Siemens AG, ABB LTD and Albemarle Corp.

Saif Alkeem, Head of Wealth Management & Priority Banking at ADIB, said: “This new note from ADIB focuses on equities that are driving investments in clean technology and manufacturing smart energy on a global scale. With the uncertainty in the oil and gas sector, governments around the world have been prioritising the development of local green energy sources. We see growing demand for solutions which can capture and store energy generated from wind and solar, which provides significant opportunities for the manufacturers of efficient battery technology. This note offers a full capital protection providing customers with peace of mind.”

According to US Energy Information, renewable energy growth is 40 years ahead of the United States’ Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecast, with wind and solar in March 2017 accounted for 10% of US electricity generation for first time. The ability to capture such energy production is dependent on highly-efficient lithium batteries. Goldman Sachs Equity research estimates that a one per cent increase in battery electric vehicle penetration would increase lithium demand by 70,000mt of LCE/year, roughly half of the current global demand for lithium.

As one of the UAE’s leading banks, ADIB has a strong track record developing and delivering best-in-class solutions tailored to meet the financial needs of customers through effective financial planning and asset allocation.

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