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Board Members of ADIB Support Marriage Fund
For his part, Marriage Fund has considered this step as a hope to give a chance for other financial institutions all over the country in following the steps of ADIB’s board members and to take positive steps towards supporting mass wedding programme in the country.

Opening of The New Branch in ZADCO
This achievement reflects ADIB’s strategy to enhance cooperation between the bank and the other governmental organizations in the country.

ADIB opens Bani Yas branch in Abu Dhabi
In answer to Bani Yas residents’ requests, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has established this new branch to make offer Islamic exchange and banking services in Bani Yas in a short period of time.



ADIB opens new branch in Ajman
The Bank has been able to expand its network of consumers due to its constructive policy and the prosperity of financial and banking services for individuals, local and international companies, as well as government and semi-government organizations.



ADIB new Musaffah branch
ADIB is very concerned about expanding its network of branches and meeting high standards of customer satisfaction due to the increasing customer data base during the previous years.

Gross Rental Yield in Dubai is 6.63% per annum

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