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RTA: Conventions & Exhibitions industry plays vital role in increasing national income

Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, Member of RTA Board of Executive Directors & Chairman of the Higher Committee for Organizing & Hosting the MENA Transport Congress & Exhibition said that RTA always seeks to make this event a success, thanks to the unlimited support accorded by the Government of Dubai, and the relentless efforts the RTA make to raise the profile of the UAE in general and Dubai in particular in the field of public transport and the hosting of international conventions & exhibitions.

“We are always keen on visiting the UITP with a view to keeping abreast of the latest developments of public transport industry, sharing expertise, stepping up cooperation, and discussing papers to be presented in the Congress about innovation & excellence to keep pace with the global trends in this field. The visit also familiarized us with the best practices of joint committees such as marketing, transportation, protocol, sponsorship & hospitality packages, and the accompanying recreational events,” added Al Mulla.

“The UITP Congress and Exhibition also offer an opportunity to familiarize participants and visitors descending on Dubai from the world over with the advanced technologies & sophisticated transport means as well as the intelligent systems provided by the RTA to public transport users, which enhances the emirate’s endeavours to become the smartest city worldwide. In this sense, the MENA Transport Congress & Exhibition 2016 will focus on creativity, innovation & excellence and highlight the role played by these factors in promoting smart cities.

“The conferences and exhibitions industry plays a vital role in generating revenues and boosting the national income thanks to investments and business deals in the field of mass transit systems & infrastructure to be concluded on the sideline of the event between manufacturers, officials and decision-makers hailing from various countries around the world, especially the MENA countries which have a variety of strategic plans & programs. In addition, such events have the potential of cementing the UAE’s leadership in this regard,” added Al Mulla.

“In April 2011, Dubai has made a remarkable success in organizing the 59th UITP Transport Congress and Exhibition, which was attended by more than 2,000 delegates and 9,000 visitors from over 80 countries with an exhibition area spanning more than 30,000 square meters. The 59th edition had been flagged as a landmark event in the history of the UITP thanks to the record figures that exceeded expectations, given the financial crisis and political developments engulfing Arab and MENA region, be it in terms of quality service, number of attendees, or business prospects generated. It proves that Dubai has not only delivered on its promises, but has also exceeded expectations thanks to its extensive experience in this regard. More importantly, the UAE, represented by Dubai emirate, had managed to make back-to-back successes in this filed despite the exceptional financial conditions currently experienced by a number of regional countries that illustrates the wisdom and shrewd vision of the UAE in steering the state of affairs during crises."

“This successful hosting of the UITP Transport Congress in 2011 came up with two major benefits for Dubai. Firstly, the UITP signed a 10-year strategic partnership agreement with RTA to host the UITP MENA Transport Congresses & Exhibitions biennially in Dubai until 2024. The agreement reinforces the trust reposed by the international community in Dubai for its commitments to promote the public transport vision in the region. The second benefit is the establishment of the MENA Center for Transport Excellence (CTE) at RTA’s Headquarters,” added Al Mulla.

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