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Dubai Customs gets the European Specification Certificate on Innovation Management System "TS 16555"

Issued by the German certification body TÜV INTERCERT, the Innovation Management System aims to nurture innovation and creative thinking on both individual and corporate levels, as well as to upgrade work mechanisms in a creative manner so as to exceed the expectations of service users.

Abdul Salam Kazim, Director of Strategy and Corporate Excellence, said that Dubai Customs is the first Customs administration in the world to obtain the European Specification Certificate TS 16555. “We at Dubai Customs firmly believe that innovation and creative thinking are a day-to-day practice. In line with this belief, Dubai Customs has set up an integrated system to stimulate innovation across all its business units.

“To accommodate an ever-changing global outlook to quality and excellence, we have created an environment conducive to innovation, so as to keep fresh ideas flowing and to stay ahead of the game. Our people are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to investing on their training,” Kazim said. 

The Senior Manager of Quality Assurance at Dubai Customs Samira Abdul Razzak said that “Dubai Customs implements top-notch corporate excellence and quality standards, in line with its vision to be the ‘Leading Customs administration in the world supporting legitimate trade’ and its mission of ‘Protecting the society and sustaining economic growth through compliance, facilitation and innovation’. 

“The new accreditation is a great addition to our long record of achievements in areas of excellence, innovation and quality. This technical specification provides guidance on establishing and maintaining an innovation management system at public and private organizations,” she said.

On his turn, Hussein Al Fardan, Manager of Suggestions and Complaints, expressed his joy at Dubai Customs’ attainment of the European Specification Certificate on Innovation Management System “TS 16555”.  He said: “Innovation is a key driver at Dubai Customs. Implementing innovative ideas presented by employees has reflected positively on Customs services’ quality and customers’ happiness.” 

Al Fardan underscored that the Senior Management of Dubai Customs supported employees and empowered them to become innovators and creators, by implementing reward schemes for the initiators of feasible creative ideas, making innovation a day-to-day routine at Dubai Customs.

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