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Dubai Taxi entertains elderlies in limo tour

Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, took part in the tour along with several directors and managers at the DTC, 12 elderlies (10 men and 2 women), and an official from the Family Gathering.

“RTA is keen on organizing this type of tours to entertain certain community segments and familiarize them with RTA limo services. The attention accorded by RTA to these segments through offering them such rides is part of its societal responsibility targeting children, seniors and the disabled to orient them with RTA’s mass transit means, and make them happier,” said Al Ali.

“This recreational event is also aimed to integrate elderlies in the community and fill their free time with meaningful and fun activities. Such programs help elderlies to break away from their isolation from the community due to health or social considerations, which brings happiness to their hearts, and assure them of their ability to positively interact with the community despite old age.  The event also shows seniors that community members & organizations give them due consideration and appreciate what they have achieved for the community and the nation by educating generations and contributing to building the nation.

“These initiatives impact the lifestyle of elderlies, and encourage their social reintegration via a variety of events and places. It is noticed that group tours rekindle the passion of exploring & learning in elderlies, and broaden their communication with community members. They also acquaint them with the social evolution as well as tourist & recreational projects accomplished that makes them in a better position to communicate with the community, and revive the feeling that they are still an integral part of this community,” added Al Ali.

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