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RTA runs campaign to promote basics of riding quad bikes

Nabeel Al Ali, Director of Commercial Transport Activities at RTA’s Licensing Agency said: “RTA always seeks to run a diverse cast of campaigns & initiatives for the sake of all community members for delivering important awareness messages to step up road safety and security. The campaign is particularly important as the Quad Bike Circuit at Al Awir is becoming increasingly popular amongst community members of various age groups, which prompts us to hold continuous awareness events to promote a safe riding experience.” 

“The awareness event includes distribution of awareness booklets & brochures containing diverse information about riding and licensing of quad bikes in the Emirate of Dubai as per Order No (4) for 2008 with the aim of reducing accidents triggered by these All-Terrain Vehicles. During the event, educative lectures would be delivered focusing on safe riding, riding in desert terrains, licensing of quad bikes along with the locations of the companies concerned & their websites, and the buying of quad bike numbers service,” added Al Ali.

“Establishing a circuit by other parties for practicing quad biking, such as the Hobbies Club, is intended to curb negative phenomena resulting from negligence and mal-practices associated with this type of bikes that often has the potential of threatening human lives. The event offers a platform for communicating with parents and giving them a thorough explanation about the safety issues that have to be addressed during riding (such as wearing protective helmets, goggles, knee caps, body gear, and long boots). They will also be familiarized with various types of quad bikes that suit their children age categories based on engine capacity, suitable locations for practicing this hobby, and the presence of an adult to escort children during rides.

“These ongoing awareness events held by RTA in various desert areas in Dubai have a significant role in recognizing the importance of complying with the applicable safety rules & regulations on the part of quad bike riders. They help educate them that practicing such a hobby requires skillful knowledge and patience for the sake of protecting themselves as well as others from potential risks.

“Coordination is in hand with the Dubai Municipality, and the Department of Economic Development about the licensing of this activity in the Emirate of Dubai, and charting out specific standards to ensure safe riding of this type of bikes,” noted Al Ali.

Arif Al Abbar, Chairman of the Hobbies Club, said: “Establishing a circuit for practicing quad biking during winter was aimed to highlight the basics of this hobby amongst various community segments, especially youngsters. In this regard, we started by educating them about the proper principles of riding quad bikes, suitable protective gears, and the practicing of safe riding in order to reduce accidents associated with these bikes. Awareness campaigns run by RTA are extremely important as they offer broad orientation about proper safety equipment during rides, spotlight registration & licensing of quad bikes, along with offences & fines related to quad bike rides.

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