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Things Dubai Can Offer You As A Digital Nomad

One of the most exciting developments of the last couple of decades has been the way that an increasingly interconnected world makes it possible to move your life and your business around. For anyone who finds the idea of being in one place all the time to be restrictive, the digital nomad lifestyle makes a lot of sense. If your business doesn’t require you to be static - and a growing number of modern businesses don’t - then why not embark on a lifestyle that lets you spend the summer in Reykjavik before heading somewhere warmer for the fall?

As a city at the sharp edge of business and technological innovation, Dubai has a lot to offer the digital nomad. It’s a city that offers connections and is home to a lot of people with excess disposable income, which is music to the ears of anyone with a business plan and a touch of wanderlust. Below, we’ll look into a few of the reasons why you should have Dubai on your itinerary if you’re planning to see the world while you’re making your business dreams come true.

Accommodation is plentiful

As a city built with business in mind, Dubai is more accessible to the visitor than most. This is a space that is aware of the importance of plentiful accommodation that can be booked at short notice. There is also plenty of variety - if you want to enjoy your stay in the lap of luxury, there are plenty of hotels that will live up to your needs, but if you just want a place to rest and work, you don’t have to break the bank. Getting around the city is also extremely simple - taxis and ride-booking apps are easy to find, and the metro is speedy and efficient.

The WiFi is extremely reliable

When you’re traveling for business, there’s no getting around the importance of WiFi. You can’t afford for internet service to be dropping out in the middle of a Zoom call or when you’re editing a promotional video. Dubai’s general signal strength is up there with the best in the world, but you’ll also find that if you need it boosted, it’s easy to arrange that with the staff at the place where you’re staying or working. The “digital” part of the digital nomad lifestyle is one which is well-served here.

It’s a safe city

Dubai is frequently rated among the safest cities in the world for travelers, and the crime rate in the city is negligible compared with similarly-sized cities. Indeed, it has been rated the safest city in the world for a woman to walk alone at night. While caution should always be recommended no matter where you are, for someone passing through, Dubai’s air of calm and security is a strong selling point. In addition, during the pandemic Dubai fared a lot better than most places due to strong public health messaging and well-enforced, common sense protocols. All in all, it offers a level of comfort that any digital nomad would welcome.

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