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4 SuperCool Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is one of those places where, as a tourist, you just have to be prepared to have your mind blown on a daily basis. There are quite literally no limitations to creativity and engineering in Dubai, which is evident when we consider the sheer scale of the city, its buildings and the range of activities which you can indulge in. If you are heading to Dubai, here are just some of the super cool experiences which you can have.

Visit a Dinosaur Park

Dinosaurs really come to life at the aptly named Dinosaur Park, where they have used the services of an animatronic and skeleton manufacturer &expert to bring these extinct creatures back to life. Kids and adults love to stroll around the park, designed to match how the Earth would have looked all those centuries ago, and experience dinosaurs which wander amongst them. This is definitely and experience which you shouldn’t miss out on.

Go Skiing

At Ski Dubai which is located inside the Dubai Mall of the Emirates, you can ski on real snow. This may sounds slightly bizarre given the fact that you will be staying in the heart of the desert, but it just goes to show that there are no limits in this incredible city. This amazing attraction features an 85 meter real snow mountain which you can descend on your skis or on a snowboard, and you will also find a snow park compete with caves, climbing towers and toboggan runs.

Ski With Sharks

The world’s largest collection of sand tiger sharks can be found in the Dubai aquarium, an enormous 10 million liter tank. There are many more species of fish and sea mammals at the aquarium which you can also gaze upon from the underwater glass which is installed here. The activity which many go for is swimming with sharks, which is available to anyone with an Open Water diving certificate. Here you can swim alongside zebra and nurse sharks, as well as those populous tiger sharks.

Dune Bashing

Once you head a couple of miles outside of Dubai you will find yourself deep in the desert, with only sand dunes as far as the eye can see. The best way to experience this side of the city is to jump in a 4x4 and go dune bashing. This is essentially an activity which will see you flying over the mounds of sand in dextrous vehicles, giving you an adrenalin-fulled experience on the dunes. The drivers are very experienced and know just what they can do with these specially modified 4x4s. Most experiences last for 25 minutes, but it will feel like much longer given the thrills and spills which you can expect along the way. This is an extreme experience so only indulge if you are not of the faint of heart.

Which enthralling Dubai experience would you be looking to take on first? Let us know in the comments. 

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