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What Is Required If You Are Travelling To The FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar?

The anticipation in and around Dubai has reached an all-time high with less than two months left before the first match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 takes place in neighbouring Doha. The event will take place between the 20th of November and the 18th of December, and during that time, supporters from all over the globe will be watching digitally or travelling to the Middle East to cheer for their national teams. However, you can cheer for your nation and have the possible chance to win money by wagering on them on a reliable sports bookie platform like The benefit of using this online platform is the fact that you will receive enhanced odds, as well as be rewarded with additional incentives, promotions, bonuses and much more.

If you're a passionate football fan and wish to travel to Qatar to support your nation then there are a few things that you need to do and to help you with this, we have displayed an infographic that will inform you on what is required to enter Qatar. The most important of them all is by having a Hayya card, this card is required for all supporters who want to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. To submit an application for the card, you are needed to have a match ticket in your possession. It is not required to have accommodations booked in advance. It is not necessary to have the Hayya Card in order to make a reservation for a match ticket or lodging, and there is no application deadline. The card is a digital version that can be accessed using the Hayya app.

Fans who want to use the shuttle service while also travelling across Qatar for the day are needed to register for a Hayya Card. The procedure for entrance is the same whether you come by land, by water, or in the air. If they wish to travel between the dates of November 1, 2022, and January 23, 2023, all citizens, and residents of the GCC will be required to apply for the card.

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