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Changing Perspectives: Allurion Reports The Prevalent Stigma Of Obesity

75 Percent of the UAE population says weight discrimination is more relevant today than in the past

Allurion, a company dedicated to ending obesity, revealed in a study taken ahead of World Obesity Day that 75% of the United Arab Emirates population say weight discrimination is more relevant today than in the past[1]. This is due to the increasing prevalence of obesity and overweight (41.6%), according to the World Obesity Federation[2], putting it in the top 40 countries worldwide[3]. As a result of this, 65% of the population believes that even a moderate weight gain can result in being subjected to bullying, difficulty fitting into their physical environment and isolation[4], highlighting the critical need for a change in perspectives by raising awareness and advocating for greater acceptance and inclusion.

With this year’s theme for World Obesity Day centered on changing perspectives, Allurion, an official partner of the World Obesity Federation and a leader in the weight loss industry continues on its mission to end obesity worldwide. Obesity often results from a complex mixture of dietary, lifestyle, genetic, psychological, sociocultural, economic and environmental factors, making it a complicated, chronic disease. The estimated number of individuals worldwide living with obesity is projected to reach over 1 billion by 2030, making it one of the largest global health challenges of our time[5]. With this in mind, the UAE population understands the actions individuals can take to fight the stigma associated with obesity, including support from family and friends (65%), social campaigns (51%),  counseling (49%), educational programs at school (43%) and in the workplace (40%)[6]. 

Obesity is a multifactorial disease that affects millions of people worldwide[7]. Unfortunately, weight stigma and discrimination can make it even harder for people to access the support and treatment they need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight[8]. The findings from the survey underscore the importance of raising awareness about the negative impact of weight discrimination and promoting greater understanding and empathy towards people living with obesity.

The Allurion Program, a  comprehensive approach to obesity is highly effective in encouraging rapid and sustainable weight loss. The temporary Allurion Balloon helps patients reduce food intake by taking up space in the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness. Alongside the balloon, patients benefit from six months of dietary support to ensure lasting lifestyle changes alongside a body composition scale and health tracker watch to monitor the patient's progress and adapt or implement new changes as needed.

“At Allurion, we have developed what I call the “Weight Loss 2.0” experience. It is more effective than diet and exercise but safer, more affordable and easier than weight loss surgery. The Allurion Program combines a state-of-the-art gastric balloon solution with a full package of support that integrates lifestyle modification tools so that all our patients receive the guidance to develop good lifestyle habits that remain with them long after their balloon has gone” Gaur said.

According to the World Obesity Federation, we have the opportunity, between now and 2025, to spotlight how obesity intersects across systems. Through important conversations and real stories, we can help people acknowledge obesity’s many roots and dimensions and inspire them to take effective action for better health[9].

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