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Abu Dhabi To Stage Global Space Technology Forum

Diverse investment and commercial opportunities uncovered as cutting-edge technology evolves the global space industry

Abu Dhabi will stage a global space technology exhibition and conference in 2008, providing a first class platform to examine the latest space technology and emerging commercial and investment opportunities. The conference and exhibition comes at a time when the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Middle East region is stepping up efforts to become a serious aviation and aerospace commercial, technical and services hub. Taking place from 16-18 November 2008 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, the Global Space Technology Forum will draw senior representatives from space agencies and National Space Programmes, government officials, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, scientists, academia, airline and aerospace senior management, and legal and insurance experts. Organised by Streamline Marketing Group, the conference and exhibition will be the first of its kind in the Middle East. It will provide an opportunity for space experts and representatives from non-space industries to exchange information related to space technology, research and development, and the commercial applications and investment opportunities that exist. “The space industry is no longer the sole domain of governments and major corporations. Advancements in space technology have opened the door for entrepreneurs and small businesses to become involved in ambitious space projects and ventures, such as space tourism,” said Nick Webb, Director of Streamline Marketing Group. Global Space Technology Forum 2 “The Global Space Technology Forum will provide an essential platform for national space agencies, space research institutions, entrepreneurs, governments and private corporations to contribute to the future of the global space industry,” said Webb. The conference and exhibition will outline global policy relating to private ventures and future projects in space, the new technology and research efforts making space access easy and affordable, and will demonstrate how non-space organisations can contribute to and benefit from this emerging commercial sector. The event has gained support from the UK’s Farnborough Aerospace Consortium and the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) in Belgium, in addition to the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology and the UAE Space Reconnaissance Centre. Professor Orhan Altan, Secretary General of ISPRS said: “I am happy to support the Global Space Technology Forum as gatherings like these are useful to promote the Geo-Sciences globally. The need for timely, quality and long-term global information as a basis for sound decision making is inevitable.” The three-day conference programme features a range of in-depth and insightful topics relating to space technology and research developments, led by renowned space experts. The first day of the conference will include forecasts for the global space industry and a high-level discussion about international cooperation and collaboration in the space sector. The second day will address the environment, energy and climate in the UAE, and how innovative space technology and satellites can assist with environmental monitoring. This will be followed by a keynote address on research and development in the space sector and the role of space technology in national defence and security. Global Space Technology Forum 3 The final day of the conference will explore space policy and strategy and the vision for the space sector in the UAE. The conference will conclude with an in-depth overview of commercial and investment opportunities in the space sector in the Middle East.

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