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Strategy Meeting Of The National Committee To Combat Human Trafficking Discusses Next Phase Plan Of Action

His Excellency Dr Gargash chairs meeting

The UAE National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking concluded its 10th meeting today in Dubai with a draft plan for the next phase of its counter trafficking strategy. Amongst other key topics, discussions focused on a draft plan to launch a nation- wide media campaign in the UAE on the nature of human trafficking and the tough penalties, according to UAE Federal Law 51 against any perpetrators of this crime. Dr. Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Chair of the UAE National Committee to Combat Trafficking, said: "Although the UAE has achieved a number of important objectives over the past year in combating this crime on several fronts, we will continue to push forward with new initiatives. Through the commitment of our leadership, the work of an active national committee as well as our four-pillared action plan, we aim to accelerate and improve on the progress achieved so far over the past year." A media campaign has been planned to raise awareness of the issue locally, foster public-private partnership on trafficking issues and familiarize residents with the unjust and unacceptable aspects of this crime. The campaign also aims to act as a deterrent to criminals in demonstrating the UAE’s firm stand and tough punishment imposed on traffickers. "Human trafficking is a crime that is totally unacceptable, and it is our responsibility as a member of the global community to do everything in our power to combat human trafficking and we will launch a nation-wide awareness campaign soon as part of our efforts," said Gargash. National Committee members also discussed the next phase of the UAE’s counter- trafficking strategy including a renewed focus on ensuring protection in UAE law for domestic workers as per the recent Cabinet decision, and to ensure prosecution of violations under the UAE’s tough human trafficking law. The Committee’s strategy will include a focus on ensuring the continued prosecution of human trafficking crimes in the UAE, through further training public prosecutors and law enforcement officers, raising awareness and encouraging use of Law 51 in human trafficking cases. The Committee also vowed to continue building ties with others in the fight through cooperation agreements on the bilateral level as well as between organizations and civil society groups. The National Committee aims to capitalize on the positive feedback from both the public and the international community on the work carried out by the UAE through the international alliance created by UN.GIFT (United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Trafficking) and the $15 million donation of Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to this global cause.

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