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Workforce Realignment at Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution gets underway

Yousef Al Ibri: Adoption of best practices will ensure fair and equitable positions for all employees

The Workforce Realignment Committee of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has begun introductory workshops on the workforce realignment process at the Public Prosecution of Abu Dhabi. The Committee has adopted global best practices to ensure fair and equitable placement for all employees. H.E. Yousef Saeed Al Ibri, Attorney General of the Judicial Department, said: "The workforce realignment program is designed to ensure gains for all employees, while integrating the different processes in the interest of streamlined operations. In most cases, employees will get similar positions within the new Judicial Department organizational, but with appropriate grade adjustments. Every current employee will have a place in the new structure. In addition, no employee will be lowered in grade and each employee will have an opportunity to contest the realignment. Grade and salary adjustments will be backdated to ensure that the realignment process is equitable." The workshops are part of a larger workforce realignment program launched by the department some months ago. At these workshops, employees get the opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback. Confidential interviews are conducted with all employees. Standardized questionnaires are used to determine each employee’s educational qualifications, work experience, job interests and considerations. This information is then analyzed and used to make realignment recommendations. Addressing the workshop, Human Resources Director, Salah Al-Junaibi said: "The realignment process is governed by transparent criteria that will take into account individual skills, including professional experience and performance as well as annual reviews. We will then fit the employees into new positions, based on experience, education, recommendations. If current employees do not have the required skills for a certain position, we will consider external recruitment. Also, the Public Prosecution might decide to conduct additional interviews to review the results reached by the workforce realignment process. Employees can also apply for new vacant positions.” Al-Junaibi emphasized that under no account will the realignment process assign a lower grade to an employee. The committee has also conducted a series of measures as part of the realignment program such as special meetings and response mechanisms to queries. It has put a structure in place as well as identified roles and responsibilities and employee authorization. The committee has urged all employees to complete their part of the procedures by filing details of their educational qualifications, experience and preferences. A timeline will soon be announced for the process to be completed. The committee is also working on developing a performance index, ahead of implementing the realignment process.

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