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Sherwoods Strengthens Portfolio Of Long Term Investment Products For Abu Dhabi Property Investors

High Price Appreciation Ensures Superior Returns For Investors Who Hold On To Their Properties For The Long Term

Sherwoods Independent Property Consultants has announced that it has strengthened its portfolio of financing options for both resale and direct from developer markets in Abu Dhabi, capitalising on the long-term business potential of the UAE capital’s real estate market. Sherwoods emphasised that it has concentrated on creating and promoting long-term investment options in response to the burgeoning demand for properties in Abu Dhabi, which Sherwoods believes is a key factor in generating high rental returns and maintaining price stability. Sherwoods’ enhanced marketing campaign also takes advantage of increased activity in Abu Dhabi’s property market as investors capitalise on newly enacted real estate laws and the conspicuous sharp increase in demand for residential and commercial properties. Sherwoods also pointed out that Abu Dhabi’s deliberate and measured approach in real estate development will help protect the emirate from uncontrolled growth while ensuring sustainability and long-term return on investments for property investors. "We advise our clients about the superior benefits of long-term investment options because unlike other property markets, Abu Dhabi is putting greater emphasis on stability and harmonious development, which ultimately translates to stronger yields as investors hold on longer to their properties. In addition, demand for property in Abu Dhabi has substantially outstripped the current supply, and this indicates optimum business value because of high rental returns and price stability," said Robert Tasker, Projects Manager for Sherwoods Property-Abu Dhabi branch. Recently published surveys have pointed out that at least 17,500 housing units are required by the end of 2008 to accommodate up to 70,000 new residents in the UAE capital. Experts predict that only around 6,000 housing units will be available by the end of the year, keeping supply well below the demand line and thereby boosting the business prospects of property investors. The healthy business prospects are expected to be sustained in the long run as the massive development projects being undertaken across the emirate are currently being offset by ongoing demolition of a number of old and uninhabitable residential buildings. Moreover, top developers have revealed that only very few of the housing units sold this year were being put up for resale, which strongly indicates that owners are holding on to their properties as they look forward to enhanced property valuations in the future. "The foremost sign of Abu Dhabi’s strong business prospects in the long term is the Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan, a comprehensive development strategy that has been designed to ensure controlled and sustainable growth. The 2030 Plan spans over two decades and is geared towards creating a premium environment for citizens, residents, visitors and investors well into the future. It is simply clear that long term is the key word for investors in this market," concluded Tasker. Founded in 1988 in the UK by Iseeb Rehman, Sherwoods has been expanding its global presence with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Doha, Bahrain, Moscow and London, while more regional headquarters expected to open soon. Sherwoods offers a full range of real estate services, including sales, consultancy and valuation.

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