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Millennium Energy Industries Implements Advanced Solar Heating Solutions in Industrial Sector

Jordache and PMC Chocolate Factory Benefit Up to US$600,000 in Cost Savings

Millennium Energy Industries (MEI), a leading MENA region solar solutions company, announced the successful commissioning of advanced solar energy solutions for two major industrial entities. The Jordache Textile Factory, manufacturers of Levi’s and GAP jeans, and the PMC Chocolate Factory, benefit up to US$600,000 in cost savings at current energy prices. MEI has been providing advanced solar heating and cooling solutions across the MENA region since 2002. MEI’s solar system currently supplies the manufacturing process of Jordache with 250,000 liters of 60 degree Celsius hot water daily in any season for the bleaching and washing of its jeans. The annual expected savings - based on actual performance numbers from the first two phases of the project during the past year - are projected to reach US$600,000 at current energy prices, with a payback period of about one year. For PMC Chocolate Factory, solar power provides the primary energy source for maintaining the heat based process at high temperatures seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Engineer Hisham Mikhi, General Manager of MEI, said: “This is another example of how solar energy can be utilized by the industrial sector to cut the ever rising fuel cost. Solar energy is a future energy source for the region especially in the applications of industrial heat, steam and power generation, which MEI provides for industrial clients. “We leveraged our seven year track record and engineering experience across large scale projects to impact benefits for the two major industrial players in the region.” The turnkey system provided to PMC Chocolate Factory is anticipated to have high life expectancy with a short payback period of approximately two years. Elias Hosh, General Manger of PMC, said: “We have been saving over 85 per cent on energy for process heating with Millennium Energy’s solar solution. After a stringent evaluation of many proposed solutions from different providers, we selected Millennium Energy’s solutions for their high level of experience and capability to successfully deliver advanced industrial solar energy technology.” MEI’s solar solutions for the industrial sector range from hot water supply for industrial processes to steam and power generation. With increasing energy prices, an industrial solar solution has proven to dramatically improve the feasibility and profitability of industrial projects.

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