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Digital Fever Hits Abu Dhabi Awards

Abu Dhabi Awards is utilising the power of the internet and tapping into popular social networking communities to extend its reach across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Exciting new features have been added to the official website and a dedicated group has been set-up on Facebook, allowing residents to spread the positive spirit of the Awards. More than 150 people from across the Emirate have already shown their support by joining the “Community of Giving” Facebook group and sharing their good deeds on the Abu Dhabi Awards “Acts of Goodness” webpage. “Everything today is online and the virtual world is an extension of our real world,” said Maryam Amiri from the Abu Dhabi Awards Organising Committee. “We want to create a dialogue with the community and hear what residents have to say so the Facebook group and the ‘Acts of Goodness’ webpage offer a fun and inspiring way to achieve this interaction, whilst also allowing us to tap into the Emirate’s youth,” concluded Amiri. For more information on the Abu Dhabi Awards, residents can visit the website or call the Abu Dhabi Awards hotline on 8003331.

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