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9,000 Nominations Received For Abu Dhabi Awards In First 18 Days

Abu Dhabi Community Actively Participates In Recognizing Good Deeds

The people of Abu Dhabi have embraced this year’s Abu Dhabi Awards, with 9,000 nominations received from all across the Emirate in the first 18 days of the four-week nomination campaign. However, organisers are encouraging more people to take part and further spread the spirit of the Awards as nomination activities ramp up in the coming weeks. “We have received a positive response until now and it is encouraging to see that many people in Abu Dhabi have embraced the Awards once again this year,” said Maryam Amiri from the Abu Dhabi Awards Organising Committee. “We do still need many, many more nominations however, and in the coming weeks we will reach out to the wider community including students, women and ex-patriot groups as everyone’s participation is vital to help us uncover those deserving, unsung heroes in our community.” The Abu Dhabi Awards aims to bring to light the good deeds of people from across the Emirate and honour their selfless contributions. The number of nominations to-date is testament to the desire of residents and citizens to recognise these acts of goodness and the deserving individuals. Residents of the entire Emirate of Abu Dhabi (including the Western Region, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi city) can lodge nominations online, via post or by visiting any of the 23 manned or 88 un-manned nomination booths throughout the Emirate. “The success of the Awards rests in the hands of Abu Dhabi residents and we hope to receive continued support throughout the nomination period,” concluded Ms. Amiri. The nomination period will close on Sunday, 5th October. Recipients of 2008 Awards will be announced at a ceremony in December.

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