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Stakeholders Meet In Abu Dhabi To Discuss Management Of Emirate’s Biodiversity

During The Meeting, The Stakeholders Discuss The Development Of A Joint Action Plan To Conserve Natural Resources

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) organized a workshop on Sunday, November 2, 2008 to brief stakeholders in the Emirate on its efforts to manage the Emirate’s biodiversity. During the meeting, the stakeholders discuss the development of a joint action plan to conserve natural resources. The workshop was attended by representatives from different government and private organizations. According to EAD, Changes in natural habitats and ecosystems throughout the world are occurring on a larger scale than ever before, which has led to significant habitat degradation, fragmentation and loss of biodiversity. He added that EAD has undertaken surveys, monitoring and research on key species and habitats. This requires a great deal of cooperation, coordination and integrated efforts. During the workshop EAD’s officials stressed that the best way to conserve our Emirate’s biodiversity is to manage our resources in a sustainable way, EAD is working on identifying, address and mitigate the root causes of biodiversity loss. During the workshop, a presentation on the Environment Strategy and Biodiversity of Abu Dhabi was presented, in addition to types of pressures on both marine and terrestrial natural habitats. EAD presented its efforts in raising awareness on biodiversity and emphasized the importance of protecting endangered species, why they become endangered and how to protect them. EAD’s efforts to apply environmental laws and regulations relating to the conservation of biodiversity were also highlighted during the workshop. EAD’s most important biodiversity conservation measures include the establishment of a network of nature reserves reflecting global standards. EAD has also recently proposed several areas to be declared as protected around the Emirate.

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