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United Design International Joins US-Based Interior Design Society As Privileged Platinum Partner

Alliance To Expand United Design International (UDI’s) Global Reach, Provide Access To IDS Renowned Community, Education And Business Support Network

United Design International (UDI), a leading international luxury interior design and build company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has announced that it has been accepted by Interior Design Society (IDS), a prominent independent interior design organization based in the US, as a Platinum Partner. UDI’s inclusion in IDS will enable the luxury interior design firm to network with IDS’ more than 4,000 residential design specialists spread across 30 chapters in the US. IDS just recently became an independent interior design association, thus providing the group with more flexibility to pursue its ambitious expansion plans. At the top of IDS’ progressive 2008 agenda is the enhancement of its member services, particularly in career development assistance. The association is currently applying for eligibility in issuing Continuing Education Credits for its special courses. This initiative will enable Professional Members who have passed The Council for Qualification of Residential Interior Designers examination to attract quality speakers for IDS. “Our membership in IDS reflects our commitment to continuously developing the skills of our designers. It also allows us to extend our presence to the US markets and the broader international interior design arena. Introducing UDI as an IDS affiliate will definitely provide us with a significant edge given today’s competitive environments, particularly in the Gulf region. We are likewise excited about the leadership training opportunities offered by IDS, which will allow us to boost our operational efficiency,” said Farkhunda Al Bastaki, Marketing & Business Development Manager, UDI. The UAE’s emergence as a business, leisure and lifestyle hub and the huge number of planned and ongoing construction, property and hospitality projects in the country and the entire Gulf has elevated domestic and regional demand for luxury interior design services. UDI plans to capitalize on these favourable market conditions by presenting itself as a quality-driven design firm with access to the best human resources, design technologies, techniques and equipment, and regional and global partnerships. Its IDS membership allows the company to strategically position itself for further growth while enhancing the job opportunities of its talented and dedicated workforce. “We are pleased with this collaboration with one of the key players in the Gulf’s thriving interior design sector, which has helped elevate the prominence of our field to the global stage through its work on iconic regional property developments. We are particularly interested in advancing the careers of UDI’s young, talented and highly motivated designers. We also expect to gain valuable insights from UDI’s extensive experience and expertise in luxury interior design and its practice in the Middle East,” concluded Bonnie Hair, Membership Representative, IDS. From its initial focus on high-end residential and commercial interior design, UDI has successfully transitioned into the highly competitive luxury commercial interior design market. The design firm collaborates with more than 100 specialised sub-contractors in the UAE and abroad to serve Royal Families, Ministries and major property developers in the UAE. UDI’s flexible service offerings cover Majlis, private gymnasiums, hotel and residential apartments, yachts, exhibitions, special organizations such as the Family Development Foundation, and academic institutions such as the Higher Colleges of Technology and the Emirates National Centre for Education.

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