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New Asset Management Executive Director for Sorouh Real Estate

Sutton Turner joins to spearhead growth In another sign of its significant growth, Sorouh Real Estate PJSC,one of the leading Abu Dhabi-based real estate developers,today announced the appointment of a new member to its senior management team. Sutton Turner joins the company as Executive Director, responsible for Asset and Property Management Services for Sorouh’s AED 45 billion in properties under development. Mounir D Haidar, Chief Executive Officer, Sorouh Real Estate PJSC, said: “Sorouh is seeking the best people in the industry. Mr Turner’s appointment further demonstrates our focus on delivering the most dynamic and innovative developments in Abu Dhabi, developed and built by a team with the vision and values that has come to represent Sorouh” Turner has more than 12 years experience in the real estate sector. His particular expertise lies in real estate management, developed through his role in founding and managing a full-service real estate management company in the United States, where he managed more than 38 locations across the country, employing a team of 330 staff that delivered combined real estate services. Mr. Haidar added: “Sorouh is at the forefront of real estate development and property management in the UAE. Mr.Turner will help guide Sorouh through the next phase in our development, as we seek to build on our success and deliver outstanding developments to the people of Abu Dhabi”.

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