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Sharjah Gears Up For Spring Promotions 2009 That Begins On January 15

Annual event aims to maximise tourist inflow with line up of exciting events

Sharjah, UAE, January 7, 2009: Major preparations have now been finalized for the grand opening of this year’s Sharjah Spring Promotions (SSP) 2009, which kicks off on January 15. Organized annually by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) in cooperation with several local government departments and trade organizations, the Sharjah Spring Promotions 2009 consists of a variety of programs that are designed to promote and enhance trade and tourism in Sharjah.

Hussein Mohammad Al Mahmoudi, Director General of the SCCI, said, “Activities for this year’s Sharjah Spring Promotions were carefully planned and selected after a series of meetings with members of the Organising Committee. We focused on the quality of the programs and the special events that will take place during the festival. All the activities aim to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Sharjah, while attracting a large number of people to the emirate to take part in the festivities.”

“The SCCI, the Department of Economic Development, the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, Al Qasba Development Authority and the Sharjah Municipality have set up a team to oversee work functions during the promotions and submit daily reports to the Organizing Committee,” he added.

Activities scheduled for SSP 2009 include a "Touches" exhibition, organised by the Family Development Centre in Al Qasba; desert activities held in the Al Budayr region in cooperation with the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA); beach events in cooperation with Sharjah Girl Guides; and a marketing fair and exhibition featuring the eastern region’s top trade and wares.

Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, SCCI Director for Economic Affairs said, “The Sharjah Spring Promotions’ chief aim is to provide opportunities for all participating institutions and organisations to benefit from SCCI’s facilities. The managements of the shopping centres will coordinate with the Organising Committee for various promotions and handing out of prizes to the shoppers.”

Regarding the participation of organisations in the other cities of the emirate, Al Jarwan explained that committees comprising SCCI officials were formed in the eastern and central regions, especially in the cities of Al Dhaid, Kalba and Khorfakan, with the aim to maximise participation of commercial establishments in these areas.

“We are confident of achieving the goals we have set, which primarily aim at boosting trade and tourism activities in Sharjah, while creating a healthy and competitive atmosphere for shopping malls and commercial establishments here. We hope to see the private sector playing a significant role in this edition of SSP,” concluded Al Jarwan.

The upcoming edition of Sharjah Spring Promotions will see the participation of more than 600 shops and eight shopping centers.

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