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Sharjah Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Broadens Role In Accelerating Industrial And Economic Growth

Value of Industrial enterprise in Sharjah hits AED 20 billion in 2007

Sharjah, UAE, October 14, 2008: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has recently announced that it has broadened its economic and industrial development strategies, reflecting Sharjah’s flourishing economy and expanding role in national progress, particularly within the rapidly expanding industrial sector. SCCI has revealed that one of its top priorities is the enhancement of local industrial facilities, which posted a value production of AED 20 Billion in 2007 and an impressive seven per cent growth rate over the same period.

“As the main organization tasked to direct Sharjah’s industrial and economic activities, the SCCI recognizes that it must adopt a multi-faceted approach to development. Aside from improving the productivity of our members and continuously engaging the private sector, we are also involved in environmental sustainability, international economic partnerships, and domestic economic policy. We want to make sure that we cover all potential avenues for achieving our goal of sustainable domestic growth,” said Hussein Al Mahmoudi, Director General, SCCI.

The Chamber has established solid relations with Sharjah’s industrial and economic sectors to ensure that it can quickly and efficiently respond to their diverse and unique needs. It offers various services such as the provision of corporate directories and information on foreign partners as well as economic data and research to its members and the local business community. One of its key offerings is the "Tomouh" program, which offers financial support for small businesses, particularly startups. Tomouh encourages nationals to engage in private sector projects instead of relying solely on governmental jobs for income.

SCCI also continues to introduce initiatives that enhance the local environment for industrial investment; so far SCCI has been ensuring that investment costs in the emirate are effective and competitive from a regional perspective. It manages the certificates of origin for exporters and the ratification of all documents related to import and export.

On a broader scale, the Chamber encourages the private sector to adopt proven global practices and regularly deals with regional Chambers of Commerce and other international business-related interests to attract investors and sign agreements of mutual benefit. One of SCCI’s recent achievements was a memorandum of understanding signed with the Turkish Izmir Chamber, which sought to encourage and help Turkish industrialists, investors and companies to establish factories, institutions and large companies in Sharjah.

Established via an Amiri Decree issued in 1970, the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to be the main local body directing the emirate’s economic and industrial activities. The Chamber motivates and assists its members and the private sector in general to achieve improved productivity and consequently influence enhanced local economic diversification. SCCI coordinates with national and international agencies and trade chambers with the aim of improving its member services and enhancing international economic relations.

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