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Double Dutch From France Regale Audiences At Sahara Centre

Group is part of the French Federation and has won many international tournaments in France

Along with a scintillating performance by the Crazy Dunkers, the Double Dutch – a team of young and enthusiastic performers performing a sport with skipping ropes - are enthralling audiences at Sahara Centre as part of the SSP 2009 celebrations. The show will be performed everyday until 24th July from 6:00pm to 9:00pm in the mall.

Double Dutch is a sport in which two long jump ropes are turned and twisted in eggbeater fashion. The ropes are turned & twisted in opposite directions and are jumped or challenged by one or multiple players simultaneously.

Commenting on Double Dutch, Rima Chammas, Marketing Manager, Sahara Centre, said, “Fun and thrill are important elements that we believe in offering our shoppers during this SSP 2009. On popular demand we brought back the Crazy Dunkers for another memorable performance and the enthusiastic team of Double Dutch perfectly complements them.”

During the show two or three players jump and use their gymnastic skills and freestyle tricks including breathtaking fancy foot movements. The people holding the ropes are called the turners. The sport has a history that dates back to the 16th century. The sport has evolved over the years.

The National Double Dutch League team holds yearly camps and a holiday classic, in which teams from all over the world compete. Double Dutch is still a prominent part of the hip hop culture in San Francisco and Seattle, and is becoming more and more prevalent in cities across the world.

“The team performs with a lot of vigour and vitality and we have young audiences performing with them. We are glad that we have successfully managed to put across shows that assure entertainment in the mall”, added Rima.

As part of the promotion, Sahara Centre also has huge discounts and bargains on offer. The shoppers have a chance to win Dhs 20,000 worth of gift vouchers every week and 2 Nissan Muranos while spending Dhs. 200 at the mall during the promotion period.

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