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The Sharjah Economic Development Department issued 24,777 licences in H1

The Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) has revealed its report of issued licences for H1 2009.

The report includes information about licences issued for commercial and industrial projects, the distribution of licences throughout the government sectors, the total number of licences issued, and the geographic distribution of licences according to region.

A total of 24,777 commercial, industrial and business licences were issued by SEDD, with commercial licences having the highest count with 12,572 licences (50.7% of total), followed by business licences with 11,427 (46.1%) and industrial licences with 778 licences (3.2%).

Speaking of the report, Mr Ali Salim Al Mahmoud, SEDD General Manager, said "The data revealed by the SEDD licence report for the first half of 2009 clearly shows the strength of the work environment in the emirate of Sharjah and confirms the emirate’s ability to reach new growth rates that are on par with its development plans." "The report also shows that the local economy is stable and able to attract local and international investments, and that Sharjah can attract positive contributions for the private sector and achieve high growth rates despite the harsh conditions resulting from the global financial crisis," he added.

Data related to the distribution of licences issued during H1 2009 across the sectors indicates that more profession licences were issued than any other kind, with 1,033 licences (49.1% of total licences based on sector distribution), while commercial licences came a close second with 1,032 licences (49%) and industrial ,licences came in third with 41 licences (1.9%).

According to the information contained in the report, industrial activities are progressing well according to future plans, providing the perfect environment to diversify income resources and to create new and productive job opportunities that will increase Sharjah’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Data related to the geographic distribution of new and renewed licences for H1 2009 indicate that Sharjah City issued the highest number of licences at 20,954 (84.6%), followed by Khorfakkan and Daba Al Hasn with 1,404 (5.7%), Al Thaid (middle area) with 1,366 (5.5%), and Kalba with 1,053 (4.2%).

As for the total number of new licences issued during H1 2009, the report shows that Sharjah City came in first with 1,744 new licences issued (82.8%), followed by Khorfakkan and Daba Al Hasn with 136 new licences (6.5%), Al Thaid (middle area) with 134 new licences (6.4%), and Kalba’ with 92 new licences (4.3%).

The regional distribution of licences clearly shows the possibility of expanding licences into the regions of Sharjah, as balanced regional distribution is required in order to attract investments to all areas in the emirate and to achieve sustainable growth and a higher GDP.

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