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Executive Committee Of Sharjah Economic Excellence Award Discusses Ways To Enhance 2009 Edition

Award criteria & mechanisms to meet highest internationally-recognized standards

The executive committee of the 2009 Sharjah Economic Excellence Award (SEEA) recently held a series of meetings regarding the 8th edition of SEEA at the premises of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). The meetings are in line with the committee’s goal of developing requirements and criteria achieving the highest internationally recognized standards. They also reflect SCCI’s important role in improving the performance of economic institutions and enhancing the implementation of quality practices in their services and products, which in turn significantly benefit local economic development.

The sessions were headed by Mohammed Ahmed Amin, SCCI Assistant Director General of Economic and International Affairs. They reviewed the work of SEEA’s general secretariat over the past period and considered proposals for improving award mechanisms. The participants aimed to determine conditions and standards of help in maintaining SEEA’s comparable status among other quality and excellence awards at the local, regional and international levels. They also sought to help further motivate and develop better performance of economic institutions through their compliance with SEEA requirements.

The committee discussed ongoing preparations for the upcoming edition based on the approved schedule and an intensive media campaign. They also evaluated selection criteria, the sponsorship program, nomination requirements, and the benefits obtained by the award’s winners. In addition, the new and positive aspects of the previous edition were reviewed to help enhance the objectives of the current award. Reports submitted by committee members provided opinions and recommendations focusing mainly on maintaining coordination with Sharjah’s government agencies.

Mohamed Amin emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts and ensuring continuous coordination and consultation among members of the committee during the period leading up to the award. He underscored the need to exchange ideas that promote the development of the event and to work on projecting the best image of SEEA in order to maintain its position as one of the most prominent honours given to the UAE’s business and economic sectors.

The Sharjah Economic Excellence Award aims to encourage the private sector to pursue development and growth. It was first launched in 1990 under the name ‘Best Exporters Award,’ and was originally intended to motivate exporters to develop unique mechanisms to increase their export rates.

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry has always been committed to further developing the criteria of the award and expanding its levels of participation. The award’s name was changed to the ‘Elites Award’ in 1995 and was again renamed the ‘Sharjah Economic Excellence Award’ in 2001 under the directives of H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Sultan Al Qassimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah. SEEA’s latest model meets all the requirements of comprehensive quality management. It takes into account the potential of Sharjah’s private businesses as well as the sustained growth and accelerated development of this vital sector of the national economy.

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