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Ramadaniat Al Qasba 2009

Ramadan activities at Al Qasba to include Arabic calligraphy workshops, Islamic lectures and raising money for people in need

Al Qasba Development Authority has announced that its activity plans for the month of Ramadan, ‘Ramadaniat Al Qasba,’ will include; organizing illumination art and Arabic calligraphy demonstrations and hosting Islamic lectures and raising money for the poor and needy.

‘Ramadaniat Al Qasba’ has been held at Al Qasba every year since 2005 Its religious and cultural events and activities which are inspired by the spirit of Ramadan are suitable for all the family. This year, activities will include;
“Cosmos Mosaic” which is being organised in cooperation with the Sharjah Department of Culture and Information and will include Arabic calligraphy and Art of Illumination workshops and Art calligraphy by Arabic artist and calligrapher like Mohammed Noury and Musaab Al Doory.

“Al Eman Oasis” tent which will host a variety of Islamic lectures by some of the top scholars like Dr. Saleh Bin Saad Al-Suhaimi, and Dr. Abdullah Al- Sharike Al-Rashidi. These lectures will play a key role in educating visitors; especially non-Muslims about the virtues of Ramadan and In an aim to educate non Muslim about the virtues of this holy month, Mr. Ihab Nader and Dr. Ahmed Suleiman will be giving lectures in English.

The UAE Red Crescent and Sharjah Charity Organisation will also participate in this year’s event, and will help raise money for the needy during Ramadan.

In addition, Al Qasba will undergo a new look for Ramadan. This new look will reflect the distinctive character of the month of Ramadan and will include palm trees bridges and buildings decorated with lanterns and Arabian mosaics.

Dina Al Nakhi, Events Manager at Al Qasba’s Development Authority said:
“As the annual event of Ramadaniat Al Qasba always attracts large numbers of visitors, Al Qasba Development Authority is pleased to announce that we will be hosting renowned Arabic scholars in the Eman Oasis tent who will hold various religious lectures on Islam and issues affecting our daily lives.”

Al Qasba restaurants will have special Ramadan treats for everyone with mouth watering Iftar and Suhoor meals where visitors can enjoy a variety of culinary delights, with traditional Ramadan meals and dishes.

Ramadaniat Al Qasba 2009 is inspired by the holy spirit of the month and prides itself on organizing events that attract a wide variety of age groups and nationalities as well as UAE Nationals, expats and visitors.

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