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Sharjah Chamber Reinforces Support To Private Sector

Activities of Business Groups commence; initiative aims to ensure smooth progress and sustainable development

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has announced today (Wednesday, October 7, 2009) the commencement of activities of the Business Groups – which were formed in coordination with the SCCI- during a special meeting held at the Chamber’s headquarters. Present during the event were SCCI Chairman Ahmad Mohammad Al Midfa; members of the SCCI Board of Directors; heads and members of the established business groups, which represent the most important economic sectors in Sharjah; SCCI Director General Hussein Mohammad Al Mahmoudi; Mohammad Ahmad Amine, the Chamber’s Assistant Director General for Economic and International Affairs; and Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director of Economic Affairs Department at SCCI.

SCCI organised this meeting as part of its focus to reinforce its vital role in helping the private sector achieve its objectives. SCCI revealed that the activities of the business groups will include offering consultation services that encourage participation in SCCI developmental activities and programs; taking part in opportunities gained from integrated structures created to help satisfy the needs of the private sector and to help in supporting the chamber’s efforts of achieving sustainable development.

The business groups aim to activate communication with the private sector; be fully aware about the state of each sector by identifying challenges and opportunities and ways of dealing with it; and promote economic activity through the launch of effective and specific work programs for each business group.

“The launch of business groups comes in line with SCCI’s objectives of supporting the interests of the private sector; developing its activities and activating its role in contributing to economic progress and sustainable development. The business groups play a vital role in achieving economic development as they are the most effective means of communication between the Chamber and the business sector. The business groups focus on monitoring and analyzing the reality of economic sectors and identify challenges and suggest solutions. They make the best use of opportunities in cooperation with the concerned bodies and the Chamber’s members, in addition to launching new initiatives that serve the interests of various sectors and the local community,” Ahmad Al Midfa said.

“Through this step, we seek to support our various projects and initiatives including our strategy of promoting SMEs and the International Commercial Arbitration Center. We are working on developing a mechanism whereby the business groups work in line with the changes and developments of the economic activity at the local, regional and international levels,” Al Midfa added.

Hussein Al Mahmoudi said, “The Business Groups focus on studying the problems or matters referred by the board, the permanent committees, the chamber’s departments or members of the concerned sector, with the goal of providing necessary advice. They are also responsible for formulating plans to develop the concerned sector; communicating with the constituent partners in the concerned sector and also private and government institutions at the local and international levels through the channels of the chamber. The business groups will also study the laws and legislations transferred from the permanent committees or the board of directors and recommend amendments to the laws if required.”

Each business group meeting will gather SCCI members including companies, institutions and individuals involved in various vocations or service-related occupations or have a common interest in certain activities in line with the Chamber’s vision. The business groups are formed under the recommendation of the board of directors, one of the permanent committees or as per a request from a group of constituent members of the chamber in one economic group. The Department of Economic Affairs in the Chamber shall supervise the formation of these groups.


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