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Sharjah Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Outlines Local Trade Licensing Procedures Via New Website Link

Online initiative to support local investment activities by enhancing services for new investors and expediting trade license application

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has added a new link to its website which clarifies procedures for acquiring trade, professional and industry licenses in accordance with applicable local laws. This will help investors, especially new ones, who are interested in establishing a commercial or industrial private business in the emirate. The initiative is part of the Chamber’s efforts to expand services and facilities favourable to the emirate’s economic development.

Khaled Bin Butti Bin Obaid, Assistant Director General for Membership and Attestation Affairs, said that the move underscores the determination of the SCCI to offer the best services to its clients. He explained that the online link will clearly identify the necessary steps to quickly obtain trade licenses from the Economic Development Department and to acquire a membership certificate from the Chamber, giving due respect to investors’ time. This would be especially helpful for new investors who intend to engage in local projects.

Bin Obaid added that the electronic link will comprehensively detail the entire licensing process, from preparing the documents required to obtaining an authorized trade name from the Economic Development Department, to receiving Arabic and English versions of the SCCI membership certificate, and finally securing the trade license and being included in the commercial register.

The SCCI official noted that the idea for the online link was influenced by suggestions and opinions on improving customs procedures from employees of Sharjah’s Customs Service Department.

The online initiative improves procedures for dealing with the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and provides essential information for advancing economic activity throughout the emirate. By using its website, the Chamber contributes to the UAE’s electronic transformation towards an integrated knowledge-based society.

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