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Sharjah Hotel Occupancy Expected To Reach 90% During Eid Al Adha

Al Noman: Etisalat-Sharjah Water Festival attracting tourists from the UAE and beyond

The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) has announced that it expects hotel occupancy rates in the emirate of Sharjah to reach around 90 percent during period including Eid Al Adha and the UAE National Day celebration. This is mainly due to the fact that Sharjah has become a favoured destination for families and tourists both from within the UAE and from surrounding GCC countries.

The highly anticipated 2009 Etisalat–Sharjah Water Festival, which boasts a variety of entertainment events including international acts and the F1 Powerboat World Championship – Sharjah Grand Prix 2009, is also expected to draw crowds.

H.E. Mohamed A. Al Noman, Director General of SCTDA, said that the Authority has laid down rigorous strategies that aim to develop the tourism sector by targeting specific tourism markets, particularly family tourism, and organizing events and initiatives such as family-oriented festivals like the Etisalat–Sharjah Water Festival that are sure to contribute to building the emirate’s tourism sector.

Regarding the expected increase in hotel occupancy during Eid Al Adha, Al Noman said, “Sharjah is considered one the region’s most attractive tourism destinations, not just for residents of the emirate, but also for tourists from the rest of the UAE and GCC countries. Studies have shown that many people go for low-cost vacations at this time of year, so the focus should be on local and regional markets in order to support these kind of trips.”

“Sharjah has attained a reputation as a premier tourism destination, with a wide array of tourist attractions that promise something for everyone, and numerous hospitality establishments that satisfy all tastes. Today, Sharjah has become a favourite tourism spot both locally and regionally, and hotel operations are expected to increase significantly this year, particularly ahead of Etisalat–Sharjah Water Festival and other events that the emirate will be holding in the month of December,” he added.

Al Noman went on to say that “The Northern region of Sharjah, which includes Khorfakkan, Duna Al Hisn and Kalba, is a well-known spot for tourists looking to enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as diving, water sports, and mountain climbing. In addition, the Northern region has a long history full of rich heritage and culture, and it is set to become a huge tourist destination during the Eid season.”

The 110 hotel establishments in the emirate of Sharjah (41 hotels and 69 hotel apartments) are gearing up to receive thousands of visitors in the month of December, and occupancy in the emirate’s 8,727 rooms is expected to increase drastically.

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