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Emirates Women’s Tour...The Remarkable Brilliance Of 5 Contestants In The 2nd Edition And The Complete Absence Of Champion Eliza Longo Borghini

Over the course of 4 days, the competitions of the second edition of the UAE Women’s Tour were held with the participation of 120 elite female competitors, representing 20 international teams, organized by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

It was noteworthy to see the brilliance of a number of female competitors during the Tour, whether they were candidates or those who achieved surprises by obtaining advanced positions for the first time in the race.

The Belgian Lotte Kubicki from the Dutch team SD WOX, who won the road race in the World Championship in Britain last year, did not violate expectations, to be crowned champion of the second edition after she was one of the most prominent candidates to win the title, and her most prominent challenge was climbing the summit of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain.

As for the Dutchwoman Lorena Wipes, who won the first stage of the Tour, she was also among the most prominent candidates to compete strongly in this stage, and she did not violate expectations, winning this stage with 25 points, with a difference of 4 points over her most prominent pursuer, competitor Rachel Barbieri.

Lorena Wibis, champion of the first and second stages, also contributed to her colleague Lotte Kubicki being crowned champion, after giving up the lead to her during the competition.

Although Dutchwoman Lorena Wiebes was crowned champion of the second stage of the Tour, this stage witnessed the brilliance of Emirates Holding Team rider Chiara Consoni, 12 seconds ahead of Wiebes, so that Consoni was able to rise to second place in the Tour standings at the end of the second stage.

During the most difficult stage, “Al Ain Stage,” the young Australian, Neve Bradbury, excelled, winning the white jersey sponsored by “Burjeel Holding” for the best young female competitor under 23 years of age.

As for the Dutchman, Amber Krack, from the FDJ Swiss team, who won the title of the fourth and final stage of the Tour, the “Al Dar Stage,” she defeated an elite group of female cyclists nominated to win, led by Lorena Wiebes, who came second in the stage.

It was also notable that the Italian Elisa Longo Borghini, from the American Liddell Trek team, and the holder of the title of the first edition of the Tour, did not shine during this edition, especially in light of her injury last period, due to which she missed several participations.

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