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Al Qasba Organizes "Al Qasba Arts & Crafts Market"

Event to take place on January 8th selling luxury used items from across the UAE

Al Qasba Development Authority has announced the organizing of “Al Qasba Arts & Crafts Market”, a concept based on buying and selling original used luxury brands with aims to conserve the environment through giving a new life to the items rather than throwing them. The event, which will take place on January 8th, is in partnership with Greenspot Entertainment, and will focus specifically on buying and selling of luxury second-hand goods from across the UAE. The event will run from 2:30 pm till 12 mn and is expected to attract various visitors from across the country.

Recent studies have shown that the UAE has one of the world’s highest levels of domestic waste. By re-distributing manufactured goods within the society, less energy will be needed to condense and house the waste. The event is expected to help in reducing the environmental impacts of domestic waste as its main message revolves around the conservation of resources.

Commenting on organizing the event, Dina Al Nakhi, Events Manager at Al Qasba said:

“Organizing the flea market is something new to our visitors and we are definite that they will enjoy the experience. The collaboration with a highly experienced company such as Greenspot Entertainment will ensure that the event achieves huge success and provides an entertaining and beneficial atmosphere to the visitors. The event will be held once a month in Al Qasba and will compliment Al Qasba’s vision to conserve the nature.”

The event which will take place once a month has been announced online through the new website which includes all the needed information about the market, its aims and booking details. Furthermore, Visitors can enjoy shopping from a wide variety of displayed products along with benefiting from the dining and entertainment aspects of Al Qasba.

Al Qasba’s collaboration with Green Spot Entertainment comes in line with its aim to compliment its luxurious venue with unique events. The upcoming event will be different than the past editions as it will only feature high end luxury second hand products. The concept was founded in April 2008 as part of Greenspot Entertainment’s vision to create more community markets with different profiles to cover all niches and society needs. The name of the company was chosen because it stands for sustainability (Green), organizing events only in green environments to secure the community a friendly and healthy atmosphere (Green Spot) and creating markets in public parks to increase the entertainment aspect of having a family day out in green environment, enjoying the nature and the fresh air and having the chance to get luxury brands in low prices (Green Spot Entertainment).

“Al Qasba has been chosen as the venue for the upcoming editions because of its unique features in terms of environment, facilities, attractions and number of visitors, added Al Nakhi. “We are looking forward to the event in the coming days and we are expecting an impressive turnout especially with the number of bookings already made through the website.”

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