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Dubai Taxi honors 153 distinguished cabbies

The recognition ceremony was attended by Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, in the presence of Directors, managers, specialists and scores of DTC's employees. 

Delivering a speech during the event, Dr. Yousef Al Ali, said, “The DTC attaches considerable attention to distinguished drivers and allocates an annual budget of about AED 2 million as rewards for them under a system that selects drivers on the basis of excellent results achieved in delivering services to customers. The DTC is keen on rewarding cabdrivers on quarterly basis AED 500,000 in an effort to upgrade their service levels by adopting an effective drivers’ assessment system based on daily performance results, and the rate of accidents & offences. Accordingly, best-performing drivers will be rewarded, and poor-performing drivers will be trained.” 

“153 cabbies were rewarded for the 3rd quarter of last year, out of total number of cabbies at the DTC which exceeds 11,000. The breakdown of honored drivers was as follows: 4 drivers in Category 1 were granted cash rewards of 10,000 dirhams each, 49 drivers in Category 2 were granted 5,000 dirhams each, and 95 drivers in Category 3 were granted 2,000 dirhams each. In the Best Category of the Best Improved Performance, 5 drivers were rewarded with a cash amount of 2,000 dirhams each,” elaborated Al Ali.

“We are continuously following up the performance of cabdrivers and appreciate the distinguished efforts they put which contribute to bringing services to the public and customers at par with the highest international standards. In assessing drivers' performance we base our evaluation on a host of parameters that include honesty, customer complaints, daily income per kilometer, accidents, and traffic fines."

"The DTC continues to provide services and facilities to the highest standards of quality and excellence through a fleet of 4560 taxicabs comprising Airport Taxi, Hatta Taxi, Ladies & Families Taxi, Special Needs' Taxi, and the Standard Taxi. The DTC hires more than 11,000 drivers of different nationalities, plying the length and breadth of Dubai around-the-clock on shifts basis. In addition, the DTC offers special services which include Safe Hands service, as well as the VIP Taxi service through 113 taxicabs, as well as the Mashaweer service," continued Al Ali.

Honorees expressed sincere thanks and appreciation of this award run by the DTC, and reiterated their commitment to do more in performing their duties. The awards, they say, offer them great incentives and prompt them to provide better services to the public in keeping with the achievements of the RTA and the DTC in keeping with the regional profile of Dubai, and the advancement seen by the Emirate across economic, trading, real estate, tourist and service sectors among others. DTC's cabbies are well-aware of the fact that they are viewed as ambassadors of the RTA and front-end staff in view of their direct and daily interaction with the public from various community segments.”

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