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Ahmed Mahboob Musabih: Enabling people with disabilities is a great indication of advanced nations

“In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, of making Dubai a friendly city for people with disabilities by 2020, Dubai Customs is keen on making its services and facilities both at head office and Customs centers friendly for people with disability, as they are a key component in any society. Catering and enabling people with disabilities is a great indication of how advanced a nation is,” Musabih added.

The Director of Dubai Customs underscored that DC provides many services for the disabled, starting with the Customs HQs premises which is disability friendly, with ease of accessibility to the building, along with dedicated parking slots near the main entrance. Moreover, Dubai Customs has employees with disabilities in all areas, except for inspection.

“Passengers who use Dubai airports have been taken into consideration too, where we have dedicated tracks for people with disabilities in Customs exits in order to ease their movement. In recognition of our efforts and initiatives, Dubai Customs recently received ‘Grand Idea of the Year 2015’ award in the category of people with disabilities for an idea by two of its employees to provide dedicated gates for people with disabilities or elderlies using wheel chairs in order to facilitate and accelerate the process of completing their customs formalities,” he stated.

A working group of employees from different departments within Dubai Customs makes field visits to other entities to view the best international practices in the field of disability services.

According to Musabih, Dubai Customs exempts goods and materials used by people with disabilities from Customs duties in accordance with the Law. “We announced last year the exemption of eight goods and supplies catering to people with disabilities, such as educational and medical tools, machinery, power wheelchairs, along with cars made specially to be driven by people with physical disabilities, crutches, and devices for the hearing, speech and visually impaired,” he said.

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