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DEWA honours 4 people for their creative ideas in the MBR Smart Majlis

A high-level committee, headed by HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, reviews the ideas and comments received from the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis. Ideas are either implemented, transferred to relevant government organisations, or referred to internal departments for further study. 

DEWA regularly honours those who submit innovative ideas and development comments for their efforts.

DEWA has today honoured Ayad Shoura who submitted an idea to use Nano Technology to put out fires inside electricity distribution boxes and contain them inside the boxes. It also honoured Majed Aljenaibi who submitted an idea to turn people’s kinetic energy when exercising into electricity. DEWA noted that this idea is already under implementation as part of its Al Saada (Arabic for ‘happiness’) initiative to create a smart innovative entertainment platform that focuses on turning people’s kinetic and mechanical energy from exercise into electricity. This is achieved by specially-designed innovative recreational equipment.

DEWA also honoured Fatma Moosa Nawabi, who submitted an idea to use drones equipped with cameras, to inspect power lines and photograph faults, especially in mountainous areas. DEWA noted the idea is part of its Sirb (Arabic for fleet) initiative, which uses drone technology to support Dubai’s infrastructure. Drones are used to accurately detect failures and provide early detection by using thermal imaging for overhead power lines. The drones use state-of-the-art upgradable technologies such as high-definition cameras that are equipped with night-vision and laser technologies, GPS sensors, and can measure pressure, height, and use ultrasound scanning. DEWA also honoured Niamat Karmally who submitted an idea to prepare a brief feature to spread awareness among customers on the consequences of overusing water on future generations. DEWA noted that its conservation initiatives and campaigns have various media and educational material on the importance of using electricity and water wisely.

Al Tayer praised all those who submitted their innovative ideas and development comments to DEWA using the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis, noting that the public’s ideas and comments are necessary tools for continuous development and improvement, and for improving happiness and satisfaction with government services.

“His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has established new rules for communications and creativity by launching the Majlis, which is one of the rooted traditions in our national culture, where people meet to exchange ideas and find solutions. At DEWA, we welcome all the ideas and comments we receive from the public and stakeholders, which help us to develop innovative initiatives and creative ideas that will contribute to exceeding customers’ expectations and achieving their happiness. The concerned committee studies all submitted ideas. Some of these ideas are already in the implementation phase. All DEWA’s initiatives are the result of mutual interaction with stakeholders, including DEWA’s customers and the public,” said Al Tayer.

#MohammedBinRashidSmartMajlis can be accessed using the MBRMajlis smart app or Submitting ideas and comments is very simple. This includes adding the idea’s title, a brief explanation, and selecting the category.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, is a smart initiative for Dubai. It allows all society to interact and participate by submitting ideas and comments and answering questions raised by His Highness, as if they were sitting in his traditional majlis.

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