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EAD Shines Light on Ozone Depleting Products on Ozone Day

The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) is calling on the community to support the UAE Government’s efforts to protect our Ozone Layer by reducing their reliance on ozone-depleting products and switching to ozone-friendly products instead. On the occasion of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on September 16, 2008, EAD is reminding the public that the Ozone Layer provides a fragile shield against Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun and that the reduction of the stratospheric ozone would lead to increased incidence of skin cancers, cataracts and depress the human immune system. To reinforce this message, EAD is organizing several activities around Abu Dhabi under the theme ’Global Partnership for Global Benefits.’ In each of Carrefour (Marina Mall branch), Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society (Mina branch), and Lulu Hypermarket (Al Khalidya Mall Branch), EAD will set up booths encouraging the public to switch to ozone-friendly products as an alternative to products that contain ozone-depleting substances (Chlroflurocarbons also commonly known as CFC’s). The air waves, including Qur’an radio station 98.1 FM, will also be carrying important messages to the public about Ozone Depletion and its effect on human health, marine life and flora. Within the organization, EAD will be raising the awareness of its own employees about the issue. ""It is high time our community reduces its use of products that contain ozone-depleting substances such as air fresheners and aerosols, said Fozeya Al Mahmoud, Director of Environmental Education Department, EAD. Protecting the Ozone layer is everyone’s responsibility. It protects us from harmful rays so why don’t we protect it? she added. The United National Environmental Programme (UNEP) has chosen 16 September to be celebrated as the International day for the protection of the Ozone layer since 1995. This date was chosen to commemorate the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 to phase out the production of ozone depleting substances. The ozone issue was first noticed worldwide in 1985, when a British scientist reported a hole in the ozone layer occurring in the Antarctic since 1979. Since then teams of scientist have attributed this rapid increase to the presence of human made chemicals, CFC’s and Halons, once known as miracle substances in the upper reaches of the stratosphere. These chemicals are used commonly in aerosols, foam, solvents, air-conditioning, refrigeration etc.

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