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Sharjah Chamber of Commerce And Industry Holds Talks With International Economic Council For Sustainable Development

Discussions focus on closer private-public sector ties, best business practices, environmental sustainability

Sharjah, UAE, September 21, 2008: Hussein Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, Director General of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), recently met with Marcel Angel, General Manager of the International Economic Council for Sustainable Development, to discuss vital business and environmental issues. The talks were held at the Sharjah Expo Centre, with Mohammed Jumma Al Mashrakh, SCCI External Relations Officer, in attendance.

During the meeting, both parties discussed ways to enhance cooperation between their two organizations, with the broader aim of promoting strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors. They also explored strategies to motivate businesses to adopt best practices and support initiatives fostering environmental protection. The talks reflected SCCI’s commitment to learning from regional and international organizations involved in business and human resource development, for the benefit of both the Chamber and its private-sector members.

“The SCCI is eager to learn from the experiences and expertise of organizations known for their successful best practices and their integration of sustainability into their operations and their organizational vision. We believe these are important elements for Sharjah’s businesses to contribute more effectively to local productivity and progress,” said Al Mahmoudi.

The participants agreed on the importance of coordinating on the holding of joint workshops that would foster cooperation between their respective group members and educate them on the best practices employed in various industries. They also discussed the establishment of programs relevant to small and medium businesses and businesswomen as well as initiatives that would help develop organizational performance in specialized fields.

Al Mahmoudi delivered a presentation on the Chamber’s role in Sharjah’s economic growth, the services it offers to its members and society in general, and future plans and programs to enhance its productivity. He also discussed the potential of its new headquarters, which is expected to open by the last quarter of 2008. The Director General explained that this latest development will serve as an opportunity to forge a unique strategic partnership between the Chamber and the Council in various areas so that they can mutually promote financial and business sectors as well as academic and training activities.

On the other hand, Angel expressed his appreciation for the visit and affirmed the Council’s aim of collaborating with the Chamber on developing various means to establish Sharjah as a platform for his organization to improve its services at the regional level. He added that the Council is currently offering specialized courses on energy efficiency projects involving buildings and utilities.


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