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Learn How To Activate Digital Driving License In Absher

The Saudi traffic made it possible to activate the digital license online without the need to visit the headquarters of the public administration in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The digital driver's license serves as a convenient substitute for the traditional license when individuals are unable to carry it with them.

The digital version of the driver's license has been developed in cooperation with the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence in order to facilitate government procedures for individuals on the one hand and for official authorities on the other.

Digital driving license has received approval from all security agencies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This digital license features a QR code and can be stored on mobile devices, allowing individuals to show it to traffic officers when they do not have the physical paper license on hand.

How to Activate Digital Driving License

According to Muroor, the Digital Driving License enables individuals to download their license information onto their smartphones using the Absher. This data can be shown to traffic officers as an alternative when the original license is not physically available.

Individuals can activate their digital driving license by using Absher platform. You can follow the below steps shared by site to do so:

  • Download Absher Individual application
  • Log in to the App or create an account
  • Click on My Services
  • Select Activate Digital ID option

You have successfully activated your digital driving license. You can now conveniently access your license information electronically by scanning the variable QR code within the application. Users have the option to take a screenshot of the digital license on their smartphones, allowing them to use it even without an internet connection.

Digital Driving License Benefits

Saudi Muroor has also shared the benefits of using digital driving license through its official twitter account which can be described as follows:


Digital driving license facilitates the process of checking the validity of the driver's license in case the original one is not available.


The presence of fraud or counterfeit authenticity is completely eliminated. Your digital license includes a scannable QR code that law enforcement officials can use to validate its legality.


Additionally, you can have a copy of the license without internet connection.


The use of digital licenses promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing the accumulation of paper waste.


It is worth noting that Saudi Muroor indicated that people will be subject to a 100 SAR for each year in which they failed to renew their license.

The initiative is commendable as it guarantees progress and convenience during driving. Therefore, if you are stopped by the police in Saudi Arabia, you can be at ease knowing that you won't have to worry about forgetting your driving license.

Thus, we have pointed out all the steps that enable individuals to activate the digital driver's license in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as government agencies have started using it as a way to save time and effort. Therefore, provide beneficiaries with government services at any time and from anywhere.

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