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Carriyo: The Future Of Shipping Automation And Carrier Management

Where’s my order?

If you run a small business or an e-commerce store, chances are you’re all too familiar with this question. The logistics of shipping and order fulfillment can leave even the savviest of entrepreneurs feeling frustrated.

With so many variables that impact the shipping process, from assigning shipments and managing multiple carriers to tracking packages and dealing with customer returns, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Here’s the exciting news — you no longer have to bear with these complications anymore.

What is Carriyo?

Carriyo is a shipping automation and carrier management platform that allows retailers to manage their last-mile operations and post-purchase customer experience at scale.

This powerful platform was built to simplify the shipping process for small brands that are just getting started with delivery — all the way up to large enterprises looking to fine-tune their operations.

How does Carriyo improve the shipping process?

There’s a considerable amount of planning and organization that goes into making sure orders are delivered on time, and that’s where Carriyo excels.

1. Innovative integrations

Carriyo comes with a set of ingenious integrations to power up your online store. Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento are some of the e-commerce platforms it accommodates.

It also has built-in carrier integrations with 50+ delivery services in over 30 countries. This offers brands massive coverage, the ability to shop for the best shipping rates among multiple carriers, and unbeatable delivery times.

2. Automatic shipment assignment

The platform allows you to automatically assign shipments to specific carriers based on pre-set criteria. This could include shipment address details, carrier capacity, shipment weight, or any other attribute.

For example, suppose you know that a specific carrier has faster delivery times in particular regions. In that case, you can set them as the default carrier for those zones. This eliminates the need to manually check and assign carriers each time a shipment needs to go out.

3. Real-time shipment tracking

Last-mile delivery tracking is vital in the world of e-commerce and online shopping. That’s why Carriyo gives you total visibility over your shipments in real-time. It tracks millions of packages worldwide and consolidates this information into a single dashboard.

With this kind of insight, you can easily oversee your deliveries and ensure your customers receive them on time.

4. Efficient returns management

Managing e-commerce returns manually is bound to result in human errors and undue delays.

Carriyoautomates the entire return process from start to finish. It allows customers to initiate return requests with minimal friction and even schedules carriers to pick up the order at your customers’ convenience.

5. Ease of labeling and documentation

Tedious as it may be, generating shipping labels and keeping proper documentation from multiple carriers is an integral part of the fulfillment process. Sadly, it’s another facet of shipping that can bog down business operations and slow delivery times.

Carriyo takes this nuisance away by storing all carrier labels and documents on its centralized platform. So, no more looking through emails for shipment details—just hit print, and you’re good to go.

Another added bonus? You can customize your own labels in line with your shipping partner’s requirements. So, for example, you could add your unique barcodes and logo to any carrier’s configured label template.

6. Simplified carrier management process

The platform also takes the guesswork out of managing your carriers. You can predefine the parameters of each carrier’s coverage, keep a close eye on their capacity, and plan ahead to ensure they are adequately distributed across delivery regions.

7. Customer experiences

Carriyo arms retailers with multiple tools to stay in touch with their customers during their post-purchase journey and drive maximum engagement.

Its triggered notifications feature, for example, allows businesses to send customers automatic shipment updates through SMS, email or Whatsapp messages. That way, customers will always know when to expect their orders, and your support teams will only need to handle a few inquiries.

Additionally, Carriyo’s customer portal lets customers check the status of their orders, track packages, and launch return requests—all from within your website.

What’s more, the platform also collects customer feedback and ratings at the end of each delivery journey. Armed with this information, your customer service teams can identify and solve any problems in your last-mile delivery experience.

Begin your automation journey with Carriyo

The future of shipping automation and carrier management is here, and it’s called Carriyo.

Think back to how you felt the last time a customer complained about their missing package. Or how much you must do every day to ensure your orders are delivered on time.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

With Carriyo, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business, knowing that a trusty partner is taking care of your deliveries. So, sign up today and experience the freedom that comes with shipping automation.

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